Mobile Alabama ATV Accident Injury Attorney

Although the deaths or injuries caused by all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) continually climbs, the popularity of these vehicles does nothing but increase. There are many examples of how ATVs are harmful. As ATVs become commonplace in farm areas and rural communities, accidents are occurring more frequently than ever.

ATVs are very easily tipped over because of how they are designed, and this can lead to serious injuries or even death. ATV accidents during 2007 sent more than 150,000 people to the hospital. Prone to flipping and tumbling because of its elevated center of gravity and slender body, the Yamaha Rhino has caused thousands of injuries. Realizing the monumental threats posed by ATV manufacturing defects, the personal injury lawyers at Steele Ritchie are ready and able to help anyone who has been injured in an ATV accident obtain reimbursement.

ATVs are likely to flip when driven in the harsh off-road environment. In the case that the ATV does rollover, a number of injuries can occur due to the rider being trapped under the vehicle. Traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, ruptured internal organs, severed body parts, amputations, neck injuries and deaths are among the things that can occur. Staggering medical bills and rehab therapy are to follow these types of injuries.

The way many ATVs are designed can be the cause of these vehicles rolling over, putting the blame for such accidents on the ATV manufacturers. Although improper use of an all-terrain vehicle, such as carrying multiple passengers, may also be responsible for injuries suffered. When this happens it is the carelessness of the owner of the vehicle and the person driving it that brings about the accident.

ATVs will continue to become more popular in spite of the injuries they are clearly causing. Trekking down off-road paths in rural environments raises the danger of these already-hazardous vehicles. At Eiland & Ritchie, our goal is for you to receive the compensation you deserve for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, permanent disability, and loss of enjoyment of life due to car accidents, ATV accidents, motorcycle accidents and all other types of personal injury claims. Steele Ritchie has the experience and resources necessary to investigate and resolve your case. Our Mobile Alabama personal injury attorneys are adept negotiators who have the necessary trial experience to obtain the best possible results for your personal injury claim.