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Mobile and Baldwin counties are some of the worst areas of the country for termites. That is why pest control companies come here. They know we need protection. However, in Alabama, some of those companies have refused to fix the problem. The damage to property that results from negligent companies is a danger to the property and finances of homeowners, businesses and realtors alike.

If you have termite protection but still get termites, we know that the fight is on. At Eiland & Ritchie, we know how to fight for you, gathering a team of lawyers and pest control experts to properly assess your case and get you the money you deserve. We have seen our clients collect hundreds of thousands of dollars after the pest control companies refused to pay, and we will put that experience to work in protecting you.

Termite Damage Impacts More Than Just Your Property

When you hire a pest control company, you are relying on them to protect your property, but some companies do not do the job that you trusted them to do. You may have had a rental property inspected by a pest control company that did not give you an accurate report. You may have had your home treated only to find that the treated infestation is still present and doing damage to your home. You may have purchased coverage under a pest protection program only to have the company refuse to pay for damage that should have been covered.

Termites can do devastating damage to your property, and when these companies let you down it can leave you with the bill for costly repairs. Don’t face these challenges alone – our attorneys are here to help.

When you pursue a lawsuit against the pest control company, you could be eligible for damages to offset the cost of repairing the property damage that results from a termite infestation that isn’t properly controlled. You could also be offered compensation for the pain and suffering that have resulted from this stressful situation. We will help you fight to get the support you need to repair your property and protect yourself from future damage.

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