Injured? Make Your Bed

May 11, 2022 | Allen A. Ritchie

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If you are injured, the recovery can be long and painful. For many of us, these same qualities apply to life. So, it is not surprising that graduation advice can often work for both situations.

In this graduation month, I am reminded of some tips offered in the 2014 graduation speech of Admiral William H. McRaven. You may know it as the “Make Your Bed” address. The title comes from his advice to start each day with an accomplishment.

Here, for my injured clients, are a few more thoughts based on the Admiral’s advice, plus some summary phrasing by author Rick Lindquist.

Rise to the occasion when life gets hard.

We all confront dark moments. When this happens, be your best. Focus on the things you have rather than what you have lost. You can make this choice.

Take calculated risks.

Change does not come without risk. To succeed, you must overcome your anxieties and move forward. But he advises that you need to make those moves wisely. Put the odds in your favor.

Life is not fair; get over it.

There is no true understanding of why you got hurt. Remember, it is easy to give up, harder to get better. Like the Navy Seals, whom the Admiral references, you have it in you to do what is hard.

Give people hope when times are tough.

Hope is powerful and contagious. To paraphrase the Admiral: When you are up to your neck in mud, start singing.

And finally,

Find someone to help you paddle.

I hope my clients feel that I am one of those people. I really do want to help.

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