Dog Owners: Florida May Grab You at the Border

Mar 3, 2023 | Allen A. Ritchie | 0 comments

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Here is the possible scenario. You are crossing the border from Alabama to Florida with your cute, adorable doggie on your lap. You have the window down, and Cuddles has her head out feeling the air. Then you see those blue lights and hear that piercing siren.

Cuddles is now a convict. OK, actually, you are, but that doesn’t sound as unlikely. And really, it is just a moving violation, but legal trouble is legal trouble.

Florida is considering making it illegal to let your dog’s head hang out of a moving car. And that is not all. It could also be unlawful for you to have the dog in your lap. And still more, you could end up on an animal abuse register, sort of like those for sex offenders.

I am not kidding.

As every right-minded Alabamian knows, letting your beagle smell the Gulf Coast air is like taking your crazy uncle to a buffet. They love it. Actually, dogs smell so much more than we do, and the sniffs from a strong breeze are filled with so many exciting scents that I have found my pups visibly disappointed when the car ride is over.

To safety, yes, having your dogs in a harness or crate is probably safer. And their faces could get hit by debris. And they could go crazy and jump on the driver. But watching those beagle ears flop in the wind is awfully cute.

Stay tuned. The Florida legislature may consider enacting the bill later this year. Then those Floridians may have to come to Alabama to give their pooches a joyride.

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