AL: New Laws, New Reasons to Pull You Over

Jul 7, 2023 | Allen A. Ritchie | 0 comments

Texting & Driving in Alabama


You need to be aware of two new laws in Alabama. Both have minor fines, but they can easily occupy your time as you sit on the side of the road listening to a trooper explain things.

Now, I have told you about the new law involving cell phones and driving in our state. Basically, you are not allowed to hold a phone while driving. One of the reasons behind the new law is to stop texting and driving. The law states you can only use one button or one-finger motion to do anything involving your phone.

Here is another part of the law. You can not watch a movie and drive. Really, we had to make a law about that? Well, yes, we did. Troopers are reporting this movie-watching is actually happening.

Though it is the law now, fines do not start until June 2024 and are roughly $50 a violation plus a point on your driving record.

The other new law is about what you can do if a child is in the car.

Starting the first of August of this year, it will be illegal to smoke or vape if a child 14 or younger is riding with you. And if you are already trying to figure a way around this, the legislation says the law applies if the vehicle is moving or stopped or whether the windows are up or down. Also, it doesn’t matter if the vape has nicotine or not. The fine is about $100.

Here is hoping you will keep safe and keep the interaction with those blue lights to a minimum.

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