Mobile & Mardi Gras Law: Keep Calm and Throw On

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Allen's Answers - Mardi Gras in Mobile, AL

We love Mardi Gras in Mobile. I mean, WE LOVE MARDI GRAS IN MOBILE. Though the police seem to be more forgiving this time of year, there are some laws you are best to follow.

Accept the Danger of Flying Moon Pies. If you get hit with a pastry that is shaped like a planetoid, well, it may be hard to find a jury that thinks it is the krewe’s fault. The same can be said for flung beads. Watch out for flying objects and protect children. It has been known that some folks get overzealous and throw bags of beads or boxes of Moon Pies. If this happens, a jury might find in your favor.

Do Not Jump Over Barricades. The railings are there for a reason. Every police officer will have a ticket book and is capable of issuing a citation. Do you really want to extend Mardi Gras with a court date?

Do Not Throw Things Back. If you throw anything at a float, band member, or anyone marching, you may be arrested and spend the rest of the good times in jail.

Watch the Parades. Don’t Join the Parade. You cannot follow the floats. If you do, you could quickly be marched into the back of a patrol car.

No Underage Drinking. Really, do I have to mention this? I do because it happens. Just don’t. The child and the person who bought the liquor could be in serious trouble.

Some Mardi Gras Tips. If you need police assistance during a parade, go to the nearest intersection. I can almost guarantee you will find a uniformed officer there. Plus, put a card with your name and cell phone number in your child’s pocket. If you need it, you will be so glad you did.

Another Tip from a Mardi Gras Pro: I have attended more Mardi Gras parades than I can count and collected more Moon Pies than I should. Here is my tip … heat that Moon Pie in the microwave for a few seconds. I suggest about 8. No matter the time of year, you will fall in love with Mardi Gras all over again.

Some Tillman’s Corner Fun. If you like Mardi Gras and motorcycles, let me suggest the Mardi Gras Biker Ball, presented by the Mob Town Riders, on Feb. 10 at Tillman’s Corner Community Center. There is a fee, but they really let the good times roll.

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