Termite Law: Fight the Coming Swarm

Mar 18, 2022 | Allen A. Ritchie, Termite Damage

Termite Damage


Be on the lookout. Termites will soon be moving across the Gulf Coast, and Mobile and Baldwin County could be hard hit. The warmer temperatures will fully awaken the termites, and those bugs come out hungry.

Here is my strong advice: Don’t rely on the bug guy to know if you are under attack from termites. The recent settlement by Terminix with multiple families in our area tells me that the homeowner needs to inspect their own property.

In my experience, some bug companies just walk around the property and pock at a few places where termites are likely. Well, you don’t need a Ph.D. in bug fungus to do that.

Here are some of the things to look for:

  • breakable drywall
  • bug wings
  • bug mud tubes or holes
  • sagging floor
  • wood damage – especially if made hollow
  • irregular walls

Termites need something to drink and something to eat. If you don’t want termites around, get rid of those. That means fixing that roof and replacing those leaky pipes. Also, remove any loose wood, like stumps and branches, from around your house.

If you hired a termite treatment group and find you have termites, you need to contact a lawyer immediately. Getting rid of the termites can be costly, and the people who you hired to protect your property will often put up a fight rather than fix the problem.

Let me also say that your lawyer needs to be local. You will benefit from someone who knows our land and the trouble that can come our way.

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Allen Ritchie

Mobile Personal Injury Attorney