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Mar 10, 2023 | Allen A. Ritchie, Termite Damage | 0 comments

Allen's Answers - Termite Damage

It is termite season in Alabama. If you have termite protection but see termites, you have been done wrong. The problem needs fixing, and someone needs to pay.

At our Mobile law firm, we see 3 basic situations:

Bad Bug Company

You have paid a company to protect you, and they have not. The bug companies will have a bunch of excuses but don’t fall for this tactic. The following may shock you, but some companies charge you but never treat your home. Other companies use lesser (read cheaper) chemicals that don’t kill the bugs. Thankfully, we know their tricks and what to look for.

Inspection Incompetence

If you bought a house here in south Alabama, you probably received a wood infestation inspection report which shows any active or previous signs of a termite infestation. Most mortgage companies require this. If you have termites or there are signs of termites, then the inspector did an inferior job and should pay up.

Seller Fraud

Did the owner know of termite problems and not tell you? That is illegal in our state, and the seller is responsible for repairs.

Here are two tips based on your years of fighting over termite damage:

Be around when the bug person is around. That means for the yearly inspection and the creation of the wood infestation inspection report. Your presence will help ensure a competent job.

Re-treatment is not repaired. If you expect the bug company to either prevent termites or fix the damage, it must be written in the contract. Some companies offer to re-treat your house, meaning they will put out a few more chemicals if bugs are found. As crazy as it sounds in that case, the repairs are on you.

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