Chance of Getting Hit by an 18-Wheeler

Jun 2, 2017 | Firm News

18 Wheeler Accidents

People in Alabama get hit by big trucks. A lot of people get hit. This year nearly 1,000 people will be hit or killed by 18-wheelers in our state. Think of it like this, that is one person in each Alabama County each month. And if you think that is bad, roughly half a million people will be hit throughout the USA.

Some other sobering statistics relate to when most 18-wheeler accidents occur. You are most likely to be hit by an 18-wheeler when you are on a rural road, during daylight and it is the weekend. What is scary is that is just the time and location that many Alabama families are out and about.

Here is another statistic. Most drivers of passenger cars that hit an 18-wheeler are killed. That is not surprising, since trucks can weigh 80,000 pounds or so, but it still takes my breath away.

There is one bright spot, if you can call it that, all commercial vehicles are required to have insurance. So there is at least some money to cover medical bills and lost wages. Of course, getting that money is why you hire a lawyer.

There are a lot of things for lawyers to look at when an accident occurs. For example, was the driver following government and company safe driving policies? Also, we might look at the maintenance and inspection records of the truck. Perhaps we will hire experts to examine the cargo and see if it was improperly loaded and secured. We almost always examine the condition of the driver looking for signs of drinking, drug, texting or internet use.

There is a lot to be done when such a tragedy happens. It is wise to get started quickly.

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Allen Ritchie
Alabama personal injury lawyer