New Danger on the Road

Jul 21, 2017 | Allen A. Ritchie

18 Wheeler Accidents

Seen more 18-wheelers parked on the off-ramp? It is a growing concern and you could be hurt because of it.

Here is the problem: tired drivers cannot find a place to park their big rigs.

Federal regulations require that a truck driver stop after a certain number of hours. But that regulation does little good if there is no place to pull over.

A long distance truck driver I know says if you look at any of the government run rest areas, they are full by 6 pm. Also, more businesses are redesigning parking spaces for cars and pick-ups leaving no place for large rigs. Some businesses even state flat out that they do not want 18-wheelers parked on their property.

My friend says it is the worst he has seen in 25 years of driving.

There have been numerous cases of cars hitting 18-wheelers parked on the side of the road or on off-ramps. In most cases, it appears the car driver was startled by the big rig or just didn’t see it until it was too late. These crashes almost always create serious injuries and sometimes death.

It is not only the lack of parking that is a safety hazard. There are just plain more trucks on the road. As we get more and more shipped to our front door, this is unlikely to end. More trucks means more chances for accidents.

In fact just a few years ago, there was a 17% increase in the yearly number of people injured by 18-wheelers.

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Allen Ritchie
Personal Injury Attorney