The Case of the Ticking Clock

Jul 7, 2017 | Firm News

States Of Limitations

Do not wait to seek a solution if you are injured. My partner Bill Eiland and I have preached that for years.

It seems so simple to us but yet you will be surprised how many people don’t take action in the required time. If you are going to pursue an injury case in Alabama, you generally have only 2 years to do it. After that, you can never collect no matter how disfiguring your injuries or how reckless the other person.

Plus, it costs you nothing to speak with an attorney … at least at our firm. So why not find out about your rights? That is the end of my sermon.

Now let’s go to the concept of statute of limitations. Since I last wrote about this, I cannot tell you the number of people who have stopped me and expressed that they thought having a time limit was … well, un-American. Their thinking goes like this: no time limit should exist for making a bad guy pay up for what he did.

Well, there are some situations where that is true. Murder has no time limit. However in injury cases, you usually know who caused it. So the law says get it settled.

The statute of limitations law is here for fairness and practicality. If someone is going to sue you, they should do it while you can still collect evidence and mount a defense. Also, the nuisance lawsuits of 30 years old accidents could easily clog the courts.

From my experience, the procrastination of people would take over. If you could wait, many people would.

If you suffer a personal injury or property damage you can talk with the lawyers at Eiland and Ritchie for free. There is no cost until we collect for you. We want to help you get back on your feet.

Allen Ritchie

Personal Injury Attorney