You Be the Judge: Are Your Pants Worth Millions?

Nov 16, 2018 | Allen A. Ritchie

Allen's Answers



A dry cleaner returned a pair of pants. The owner of the pants claimed they were not his pants. He sued for $67 million dollars. The biggest piece of evidence was a sign that hung in the dry cleaner’s window that stated, “Satisfaction Guaranteed.” It didn’t help that the customer was a judge. This is a real case from Washington, D.C.


-It was his favorite pair of pants and had sentimental value that could not be replaced?

-The shop owner was negligent. He should have a system that tracked the pants, so they could not get lost.

-How would a jury value pants that make the owner look especially good?

-You take a risk when you leave any of your possessions with someone else. Mistakes happen it is part of life.

-The “guarantee” only covers the cost of the cleaning. Not the cost of new pants.

-If the value of the pants needs to be set, it should be for used pants.



The customer was actually awarded $53 million. This was mostly for common law fraud violations and not the cost of the pants. However, the customer eventually lost the case because he could not prove the trousers that he received were not his.

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