In an Alabama Wreck, Get an Accident Report

Jan 25, 2019 | Allen A. Ritchie

Insurance Won’t Pay

There is the law and there is what you should do. I’ll tell you both.

First the law. If you are in a car accident in Alabama, you do not have to call the police or state troopers if no one was hurt, the property damage is under $500 and everyone involved has insurance. Some city requirements may vary.

Now what you should do. Get a report every time you have an accident – no matter how minor.

Here is the reason why. Without a report, it is your word against the other person. Insurance companies are going to believe the person who costs them less.

I see people often who regret not making that phone call to report an accident. Really, you can be seriously hurt and not know it at the time of the accident. Give it a few days or weeks and you may start feeling pains you didn’t know you had, may find out you need your whole car repainted and even be looking at weeks of rental car fees. A report is an independent observer saying what appears to have happened.

Here is another good reason to file. You may be sued for damages that you did not cause. A police report helps protect you.

Plus, there is one other thing. A police report will often speed up the claims process. Avail loans from unsecuredloans4u co uk for financial needs. So, you get your money and your car fixed faster.

In a wreck, get a report.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer