Ask a Lawyer for Free. Several Ways.

May 3, 2019 | Allen A. Ritchie

Law Helpline – 2016

Do you have a legal question you have always wanted to ask?

  • Who gets grandma’s stuff is she dies without a will?
  • Does the fruit from my neighbor’s tree, that hangs over my property, belong to me?
  • Can I sue my boss if I get hurt on the job?
  • Will the city pay me if I fall on the sidewalk?

You can ask any legal questions for free this Tuesday May 7, 2019, as Mobile, Alabama’s NBC 15 grabs lawyers from the Mobile Bar Association to answer the phones during Law Helpline.

Law Helpline is an annual event and operates much like a telethon. You call. Lawyers answer. If they don’t know, they will tell you where to go for help.

The service runs from 6 AM till 1 PM, and you can find the phone number by watching NBC 15 on Tuesday.

Law Helpline is especially good for information about subjects in which lawyers usually charge including Divorce, Bankruptcy and Elder Law. However, there are plenty of injury lawyers there too.

Here are some other ways you can get free help.

Most personal injury attorneys will talk to you for free at any time. They get paid out of the proceeds they collect for you. In our office at Eiland and Ritchie, we also set aside Monday mornings to take any call on any legal matter.

Of course, there is our weekly call-in show, NBC 15 LawCall. That is Sunday night at 10:30. Anchor Andrea Ramey and Attorney Bill Eiland are joined by guest attorneys from across the Gulf Coast area to answer questions. The show is usually centered around one topic.

There are also programs designed for low income families and those with special needs. You can get more information from the Mobile Bar Association at (251) 433-9790. Just remember that this Tuesday, most of the staff will be at the TV station doing Law Helpline.

Don’t be afraid to find out about your legal rights. Lawyers are not really that scary. Well, most aren’t.

Allen Ritchie

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer