Four Ways to Lose Your Alabama Traffic Accident Case

Oct 4, 2019 | Allen A. Ritchie

In a traffic accident case, it is everyone for themselves.  And everyone wants something different. The guy who hit you wants to get out of it, the insurance company wants to pay less, and you want to be paid the most for your loses – both physical and mental. The fight is on.

Learn not to sabotage yourself.  Here are the 4 major ways you can damage your case.

Failure to Get Medical Care

You must prove you were hurt. The best way is a medical report. Don’t tough it out …. get treatment.  If you are not injured and suffered no losses, there is no case.

Waiting Too Long

In Alabama, you have only 2 years to file a lawsuit. After that, you will not receive a dime for your accident … ever.

Too Busy to Keep Evidence of Your Losses

You can be compensated for every bandage used and mile driven to the doctor. However, you must prove you used that bandage and drove to that doctor. So, keep records of your expenses. You want that money back.

Talking to the Other Person’s Insurance Company On Your Own

I don’t care if Flo, herself, shows up with a fruit basket. Talking to an insurance company rep without an attorney can only hurt your case. The insurance person’s job is to gather evidence so the company can pay you less. Do not help them.

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