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Dec 13, 2019 | Allen A. Ritchie

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A Drone Before Christmas – Alabama’s Christmas Lights 2015

Courtesy: SkyBama.com

Alabama loves Christmas.

In fact, we were the first state to legally recognize the holiday … even before the country did. In 1836, our state made it a holiday. The federal government would not step in until 1870. That is about the end of the “law” part of this message.

Alabama is reported to be the 5th most Christmas-spirited state in the union.

CenturyLink did the survey. They looked at such things as Google searches for Christmas movies, number of Christmas songs streamed, number of tweets related to Christmas, number of Christmas tree farms per capita and amount of charitable donations.

You can learn more by clicking here. California was towards the bottom. I’m just saying.

The video above is a few years old, but I like it. It includes lights from all over our state. Here is a rundown as listed by SkyBama.com.

Locations include in order shown: Alabama State Capitol, RSA Building Montgomery, Railroad Park, Regions & Vulcan Park in Birmingham, Fountain Montgomery, Christmas Tree, Prattville, Harrison St., Decatur, Tinsel Trail – Huntsville, Cove Valley Drive, Owens Cross Roads, Heritage Animal Clinic video by Jeff Boesch, Berry Avenue/Cosby Tree Video by James Leithart, 126 County Road 1454 Cullman video by David Warren, Christmas at Noccalula Falls, Gadsden, Gilley Christmas Lights, BallPlay, Christmas Fantasyland, 640 County Road, 128 Calera, 147 Woodbury Dr, Sterrett, Birmingham Race Course, Curtis William (Santa) Paramotor, Haprersville.

Also, Alabama has an official Christmas tree. It is in Montgomery just outside the state capital. This year is a 35-foot-tall Eastern Red Cedar grown in Bullock County. By the way, Bullock has a fine-looking courthouse in Union Springs. My only other legal reference.

The best of the holidays to you and yours. Be safe and be nice.

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