Judge Tells Lawyers to Wear Clothes When Video Conferencing

Apr 20, 2020 | Allen A. Ritchie

Conferencing during the pandemic - courtroom

                 Photo courtesy Rick Otto


Do you video call? Did you do it before the coronavirus attack? Well, many lawyers did not, and they are having some trouble adjusting to the new freedom.

To keep our social distance, we now video call into the courtroom, video conference to take depositions and video chat with clients and about anyone else we use to talk with. However, the combination of being home and video lawyering has created a problem.

It has gotten so bad that a Florida judge has had to lay the law on the lawyers. Seriously, one guy showed up on a video chat with the judge … shirtless. The judge says one female lawyer was still in bed … under the covers.

We are all getting used to the new way things are done, but if your lawyer looks like the shirtless guy interviewed in Tiger King, perhaps you need another lawyer.

Back to our judge. She wrote, “Putting on a beach cover-up won’t cover up you’re poolside in a bathing suit.” This is amazing since you only have to dress properly from the waist up. News Anchors have been getting away with that for decades.

Join us on NBC 15 LawCall here in Mobile every Sunday night at 10:30 right after the news. We will take your calls live. We are experimenting with new ways to do the show and still follow the CDC guidelines. My partner Bill Eiland, who is the Lawyer Host, now does his part answering callers’ questions from his house. I think he will dress appropriately. But I don’t know.

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Allen Ritchie

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