Local Lawyer Says Help However You Can

Apr 2, 2020 | Firm News

Bill Eiland delivers meals to medical workers


Can you help others during the virus crisis? Local personal injury attorney Bill Eiland says that you will find things to do if you just look.

One example is that Eiland and his staff delivered lunch to the emergency room at Springhill Medical Center on Dauphin Street in Mobile, AL. He says he saw two needs—one by local restaurants to provide food and the other for emergency care workers to have their job made just a little bit easier. So, he organized the lunch delivery.

“As a personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen how difficult a tragedy can be on folk,“ said Eiland. “but the magic here is we can help two different groups by just one action.”

Bill Eiland delivers meals to medical staff in Mobile, AlabamaEiland said a chance meeting with Emergency Room Doctor Al Babcock let him put the plan into action. “Dr. Babcock mentioned just how non-stop his colleagues were working, and I thought there is something we can do.” Eiland also knew of the struggle of local sandwich shop Which Wich? Superior Sandwiches to keep its staff employed.

The law firm of Eiland & Ritchie is providing the funds but also keeping to the CDC guidelines including washing hands, social distance and disinfecting surfaces.

Mobile’s NBC 15 News Anchor Andrea Ramey was on hand to help. She and Eiland host the legal call-in show “NBC 15 LawCall” Sunday nights at 10:30 on NBC 15. They have been spending the last few shows focusing on the virus and what people need to know.

“You will see things you can do if you really want to help,” says Eiland. “Over the years of helping accident victims, they have told me repeatedly that it is the simple things that mean so much. Cut someone’s yard, ask if they need some shopping done, just give them a call.”

Eiland said if you have legal questions and cannot get through during the live TV show that you can call his office. He added, “Much of the staff is working remotely, but we still answer the phone.”