Baldwin Co.: You Could Be on a Jury … Again

Aug 14, 2020 | Allen A. Ritchie

Allen's Answers


Some residents of Baldwin Co. will receive a jury summons as early as next week.

As one judge put it, “It is imperative that the wheels of justice continue to move, however slowly.“

An entirely new jury selection system is being developed because of the COVID-19 epidemic. To minimize person-to-person contact, it includes an on-line jury qualification process. It will be the first such system ever used in Alabama state courts.

Here is how it works. You receive a summons for jury duty and are told to fill out a short questionnaire on-line. This is also when you can request to be excused. A new reason to not serve has been added – heightened risk should you contract COVID-19. Generally, that is advanced age or preexisting medical conditions.

The new procedures also include the use of mandatory masks, temperature checks, plus rules for sanitizing surfaces and social distancing. Other things will also change. You will find new rules for the number of people in elevators and courtrooms. Also, it is reported that a newly configured jury box will keep jurors at least 6 feet apart.

Despite the lack of a cure for COVID-19, most lawyers say the jury system must continue and is essential to providing justice. Despite the possible inconvenience, if you get arrested, you may be thankful that a jury exists during your day in court.

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