Speed reduction can reduce the number of accidents

Nov 23, 2020 | Firm News

The number of auto accident generally tend to go up in Alabama during certain times of the year, just as citations for speeding or driving under the influence. Both can contribute significantly to the increased numbers, but speeding may be the more dangerous behavior because many more drivers violate the speed limits. In fact, it happens almost constantly on the open highway. Actually, driving the speed limit can be hazardous in some situations when congestion is heavy, and drivers are in a rush to get to a particular destination.

The term “speed kills” is assuredly very true, and the speed limits are established for basic safety reasons. But drivers still violate this road requirement far too often. And this happens on urban-area bypasses and connector highways as well as interstate highways. Often, the practice is far more dangerous in metropolitan areas, especially when construction is taking place along the roadway.

Some states, like Missouri, have taken steps to reduce the number of car accidents. St. Louis-area officials are using an alternate advanced warning system for drivers regarding construction zones and “real-time” advanced signaling that traffic in front of them is slowing down considerably among all drivers using the roadway.

The purpose for this is the recent reports that many auto accidents are rear-end collisions that could easily be reduced if drivers would just slow down and take their time to reach their destinations. While some trips cannot begin until a designated time, such as rush hour traffic after a workday, studies show that the difference in arrival time is often altered by as little as 10 minutes. This is not much of a delay when a life can be saved.

MVA attorneys understand this issue far too well. They regularly represent injured drivers who have been hit from the rear while traveling and attempting to observe the speed limit only to be injured by doing so. Many individuals suggest that one of the most effective uses of modern technology could well be the future implementation of real-time variable advisory speed limits (VASL) warnings on highways throughout the nation.