Termites & Terminix Settlement – Call Your Lawyer

Nov 7, 2020 | Allen A. Ritchie

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Getting money from Terminix may sound good, but is it good for you?

We have been telling you about the blatant consumer fraud by some Mobile area termite protection companies. Now, Terminix has settled with the state of Alabama for $60 million. But before you sign up for the deal, talk to a lawyer.

Here is the reason why. For just pennies on the dollar, you may be giving away your right to sue for the real costs of your damage.

In my opinion, Terminix is just getting an “insurance policy” against future lawsuits by settling with the state.  The victims here on the Gulf Coast seem to be getting way too little.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall said Mobile, Baldwin and Monroe counties were “the most egregious examples” of consumer fraud by Terminix.

Here are some examples:

  • Terminix recently lost a lawsuit here where it was shown they had not even treated the house for years.
  • As part of the fraud allegations, Terminix was accused of convincing customers to sign lifetime contracts and then doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling the rates.

Under the settlement, it is possible that all you would end up with is a free treatment and a few hundred dollars. If you sign that agreement, you could be prohibited forever from suing the company because of their bad faith actions. The bottom line — some quick money now could mean you are stuck with the high cost of termite damage.

Before you sign, talk to us for free. You need to know what you are giving away.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer