Terminix Settlement with State of Alabama Could Cost Mobile and Baldwin Residents Big Money

Feb 12, 2021 | Allen A. Ritchie, Termite Damage

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Signing the Alabama-brokered Terminix Settlement Agreement could cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Internal Terminix documents acknowledge the company is aware that wronged customers usually receive much more money for their claims when represented by an attorney. The settlement arranged by the Alabama Attorney General gives most customers far less.

The real winner may be the state of Alabama, which is getting $20 million for not prosecuting the bug company.

Basically, Terminix was accused in an over-charging scheme while promising to protect homeowners from termites. Then it was alleged that in many cases, they did not provide the paid-for protection service. The Alabama attorney general called it “unconscionable.”

Here is the bottom line. If you had Terminix, you need to see a lawyer even if you did not discover termites. It costs you nothing to speak to lawyers such as ourselves. You can then decide if you want to accept the settlement or pursue independent legal action.

Be warned that it appears that Terminix customers who were overcharged during 2019-2020 will receive checks for the overage whether they filed a claim or not. Cashing that check could likely limit you from collecting any more money forever. Those checks are expected to arrive in May of this year.

In summary, signing up for the settlement could mean faster money, but it could mean a lot less to repair any damages.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer