Fall. Injured. Sue.

Mar 12, 2021 | Allen A. Ritchie

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Falling is not natural. I don’t know why people think it is. If you fall, there is a reason, and often it is because someone did not do what they were supposed to do. This is when a lawsuit comes into play.

Don’t be afraid of suing. To get your medical bills paid, you are probably not going after the little old lady who runs the stationery store but rather her insurance company or the property owner’s insurance company.

Here are examples of typical slip and falls – food on the floor of a grocery, lack of signage near a water leak in a department store, a weak banister at an apartment complex, uneven payment outside a restaurant.

If you or a loved one suffers a fall, here is what you need to do to help your case.

  • Get medical treatment. Not only do you need help to get better, but for your case, you need documentation of your injuries.
  • Report the incident. You need to show that the injury happened and who might have caused it. Remember, the fight is on. At first, businesses will often deny they are responsible.
  • Document everything. In a lawsuit, proof is needed. Just because you say a railing was missing isn’t as good as a picture of it not being there.

Falling is a serious problem. At work, slip and falls are the 2nd highest cause of unintentional injury in Alabama. Plus, in the U.S., more than 9 million people go to the emergency room each year for injuries from a fall.

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