Assisted living red flags

May 21, 2021 | Firm News, Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

If you are planning to move into an assisted living facility, it is important to choose a good one that takes care of their residents. Not every assisted living facility in Alabama is going to be a good fit for you, so here are some red flags to look out for when deciding which nursing home to move in to.

Rude staff

If you visit the nursing home and the staff there is rude or unwelcoming, it can be a red flag that this isn’t a nursing home you should be looking at. If the staff is rude to you before you even agree to live there, you can only imagine how rude they are to the residents who have already paid them. The staff needs to be kind, caring and welcoming, or else it might lead to nursing home abuse and neglect.

The staff isn’t caring for current residents

When you walk into the nursing home, you should pay close attention to the current residents. If their clothes look dirty, or the residents just look unkempt, this can be a sign that the staff members aren’t taking care of their current residents. In a nursing home, the staff members should be caring for you and making sure that you are clean, fed and comfortable. If they aren’t doing those things, then they don’t deserve your money.

Dirty facility

If the assisted living facility is dirty or messy, this can also be a huge red flag. A staff that isn’t actively cleaning and taking care of the facility may not actively take care of you or the other residents.

Moving into an assisted living facility is a big decision, so you need to ensure that you are going to a place that is safe, loving and comfortable. If you notice any red flags when visiting the facility, don’t hesitate to leave and find a better place.