Do I Need a Termite Lawyer?

Jul 16, 2021 | Allen A. Ritchie

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No matter what type of termite protection you think you have – even if you physically see termites or termite damage – my experience tells me that chances are your claim will be denied.

Yes, you can see beams falling into your living room, and the bug company, the people who you trusted to prevent this type of damage, will say it is not its fault or that the kind of coverage you bought doesn’t cover the destruction.

These are only a few reasons you need a qualified termite lawyer, someone who knows the Gulf Coast and the tricks used by these unscrupulous companies.

Termite damage is a complicated and sometimes confusing part of the law, but here are a few general pointers that I think you should know.

  • Don’t cancel your policy until you find out your legal situation. Your policy is evidence. You may have rights as a client that you do not have as a former client.
  • There have been cases of fraud by bug treatment companies in Alabama. Your financial recovery may far exceed the cost of property damage.
  • Many laws govern a termite problem, and it may be possible to get you money from companies other than the bug treatment company. For example, if you bought a new house, the home inspector or home seller may be responsible for paying your damages.
  • Some of the clauses in termite coverage contracts can be illegal. Don’t trust what a pest control person says until you talk to a lawyer who can guide you.
  • In Alabama, it has been proven that some companies used inferior chemicals to save money. In turn, you paid for protection you did not receive. Let me tell you that juries do not like that type of deceit.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer