The dangers of distracted driving

Jul 21, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Distracted driving is a contributing factor to many auto accidents in Alabama. Distractions when driving takes away the driver’s attention, making them miss cues or objects that could cause accidents. Apart from the passengers in the car, distracted driving also affects other road users. Wireless devices have gained popularity for several years. However, although these devices are easy to use, they have caused an alarming rate of accidents.

Types of distracted driving

While there are different types of distracted driving, each one of them results in fatal injuries. Despite the reason, ensure your eyes are always on the road when driving since you don’t know when you might miss a cue. If you must pick a call or reply to a text, pull over to do so. Here are the main types of distracted driving:

• Visual: Not looking on the road when texting or looking at the GPS
• Manual: Applying your make up or eating when driving
• Cognitive: Thinking of other issues when driving

Teens and distracted driving

Most distracted driving accidents involve young adults. Such accidents contribute to more than 25% of all motor vehicle accidents. Therefore, advising teenagers on the dangers of distracted driving is essential. You can follow the following tips:

• Ensure your phone is unreachable when driving. Most phones have a feature that automatically declines calls and lets the person calling know that you’re driving.
• Before starting your journey, ensure all things are set. Most drivers are often distracted when adjusting the AC, mirrors or music. Setting everything up before the drive reduces distraction.
• Avoid driving when you’re tired. When you feel tired when driving, you should take a break and rest for a while to avoid causing motor vehicle accidents.

Distracted driving is dangerous and reckless. In case of an auto accident, contact an attorney promptly. The attorney might help you get fair compensation.