Alabama Car Wreck: 6 Tips for a Max Check

Sep 24, 2021 | Allen A. Ritchie


If you’re in a wreck in Alabama, don’t leave any money unclaimed. It is surprising how many people try to settle their own case only to get pennies on what should be dollars.

From my years of experience in settling car accidents, here are some of the overlooked areas that can cost you money.


Scaring is an actual result of significant injuries. Yet, by focusing on other more obvious medical problems, people often underplay this.

Physical Suffering

Pain is a natural outcome of a traffic accident. Though you may not see it on an x-ray, you need to be compensated for both your physical and mental misery.

Lost Wages 

If you couldn’t go to work and your pay was cut, someone needs to compensate you. Loss of income is a real loss from an accident.

Medical Bills and Related Expenses

So much goes into getting you back to normal. Doctors, hospitals, and medications may be apparent, but remember therapy specialists, dentists, and medical equipment expenses. Even mileage can count.

Emotional Distress

Depression, anxiety (over physical and financial concerns), and grief are all conditions that can require compensation. These are often made worse by a lack of restful sleep following a wreck.

Vehicle Value

Don’t forget that you need to be compensated for the value of your car or truck. You may have to fight for this since insurance companies will often try to lowball the amount. You also need to get paid back for any rental car expenses.

These considerations and many others are why a good personal injury lawyer can mean more money in your pocket. I also suggest you get the lawyer involved early before evidence is lost.

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Allen Ritchie

Alabama Personal Injury Lawyer