Identify termite damage signs on your property

Oct 22, 2021 | Termite Damage

Termites are beneficial to the ecosystem but can wreak havoc on people’s homes in Alabama. There are early signs that a termite infestation is taking over parts of your property. If not addressed quickly, the damage could become dangerous and cause infections, disease, or sudden accidents that cause bodily injuries. A property owner should know which termite damage signs to look for.

Know where to look

Termites can infiltrate any corner of your property and leave behind signs of damage. You will see the most destruction on wooden structures that vary from trees to wooden floors and walls. Some types of damage are easily visible while others require taking apart a wall or structure to see the full extent.

Know what to look for

There are certain signs to look for to prove termite damage. Look for patterns of holes or cracks in the wood that may indicate the presence of termites. One method is to tap the wood to check if it’s hollow. Other signs include a buckled wooden floor, a rippled ceiling, or water damage on the walls, floors, or furniture. Termites are attracted to moisture and need it to thrive, so it’s important to check for wet or damp areas in the home that could harbor infestations.

Termites infest homes due to excessive moisture, exterior building damages, and other problems. You can look for early signs to prevent the damage from worsening; however, some issues are hidden from view and must be investigated further. Every property owner has the responsibility to protect their home or building from falling apart due to a termite infestation.