Termites are more prevalent this year

Nov 5, 2021 | Termite Damage

Termite infestations are a harsh reality for many homeowners around the country. With a climate that is very termite friendly, Alabama has termites in all regions of the state. What’s worse, the climate in our state creates an environment where termites can be active all year long.

Not just a coastal problem

One of the worst kinds of termites for homeowners is the Formosan termite. This subterranean species do more structural damage to buildings each year than any other type of termite. They are also the most widely distributed termite species in the U.S.

Though Formosan termites are more common along Alabama’s hot and humid coastline, they can also be found in central Alabama. Entomologists say that they are seeing more Formosan termites and other species of termites in central Alabama this year.

Prevent termite damage

Termite infestation in your home may be prevented with a combination of removal of termite-friendly conditions and early detection. While we hope a termite infestation never starts, the earlier you discover it, the less damage it can do to your home.

Homeowners often can’t detect termite infestations until considerable property damage has been done. That’s why hiring experts to conduct inspections on a regular basis may be a good idea. However, some companies are lax, and if an inspector fails to detect the bugs or if a company fails to remove them properly, a lawsuit might be warranted.

Prevention of termite infestations involves removing the things that termites love. Termites thrive in environments that have plenty of water and cellulose. Homes should be kept as dry and clean as possible, and wood debris should be kept far away from homes.

Termite infestation treatments

There are several different treatments for termite infestations, and what treatment is needed for your home will depend on the circumstances. An exterminator may recommend a combination of different baits or repellents to deal with your home’s termite problem.