Your Insurance Company Says No. Now What?

Aug 30, 2022 | Allen A. Ritchie

Allen's Answers


Expect the insurance company to deny or lowball your injury claim, and you will rarely be surprised. That is my legal experience in Alabama.

Here are some things I do for my clients when faced with this mountain of resistance. Perhaps, they can help you.

Don’t necessarily accept the first offer.

Some insurance companies play a game by initially offering a small settlement amount. If the injured person accepts it, this is great for the insurance company. If not, it hasn’t cost the insurance company anything.

Challenge the information used to evaluate your case.

Here is the bottom line – if you have the proof that would convince a jury of your loss or injury, you have a shot at top dollar without ever going to trial.

Do not accept negative information about you or your situation as truth. In my experience, police reports can be wrong. How do we counter this? We go after eyewitness statements, look for photos and videos, and even get experts to testify. If the insurance company says you are not badly injured, we get doctors’ records, x-rays, medication lists, and even family photos that support your claim.

Ask for a 3rd party review.

We do this often and call it mediation. Lawyers will ask an independent person (I like retired judges) to look over the case and help it get resolved. This evaluation lets the insurance company know what an outsider considers fair. If you are fighting alone, this request can happen when you appeal the insurance company’s denial.

One final note, I strongly suggest you get a lawyer involved. It is a tricky process; plus, you need someone who understands the system and is on your side.

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Allen Ritchie

Mobile Personal Injury Attorney