Man Shot and Killed After Hit and Run Chase in Mobile

Feb 7, 2020 | Allen A. Ritchie

Allen's Answers


It is a tragedy that probably could have been fixed with a few thousand dollars and a good body shop. Instead, one man is dead and another faces murder charges.

You have heard of this type of story before … not just that often here in Mobile, AL.

Earlier this week, there was a traffic accident and the driver who caused the accident drove off. The guy in the damaged car gave chase. Then irritation became tragedy; when the guy in the damaged car was shot to death allegedly by the man who originally caused the wreck.

I deal with traffic accidents every day and some of my cases involve hit and run drivers. Here is what I know that may shock you … even if police could not find the offending driver, the repairs would have likely been paid by uninsured motorist coverage insurance.

Here is my strong legal advice, do not confront a wrongdoer. Let the police do their job. If you can write down the license plate number or take a picture of it … great. But do not take justice into your own hands.

Sit down now with your family, while everyone is calm and there is no danger, and decide that if this should happen, you will not pursue the wrongdoer. It is not heroic or manly or your duty. It is foolish.

It has been my experience that police will work the case. Witnesses, your description of the car, repair shop records, security camera video, and other evidence will likely be used to find the person who hit you. In the meantime, let insurance pay for repairs, and you enjoy your time with your family — for years to come.

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Allen Ritchie

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