Alabama Law: Hurt While a Passenger? You Might Get Nothing.

Feb 3, 2023 | Allen A. Ritchie | 0 comments

Car wreck in Alabama

If you are a passenger in Alabama and get into a car wreck, you had better hope the other car is at fault. The reason: you generally cannot sue the driver of the vehicle you are in. Sound insane? You bet.

Alabama is the only state with such a strict passenger law.

The Alabama legislature thinks that if you accept a free ride, you accept the risk of bodily harm. The law is often explained by saying that a good Samaritan (as in the bible story where a traveler is helped) should not be punished if the help offered goes wrong.

Now a good lawyer has some workarounds. First, if there is any pay for the ride, this law does not count. I have argued that anything of value can be payment, not just money. For example, offering a sandwich, a bottle of water, or even fixing the driver’s kid’s bike can be a payment.

Second, the law does not protect the driver if he or she is reckless or wantonness. Here a little bit of legal explanation is required. Wantonness is a reckless disregard for the rights or safety of others. I would argue that speeding and even texting fall into this category.

Third, having a regular driving relationship, like commuting to work, will void this restriction. I know this sounds odd, but welcome to our unique state laws.

Here is what I often hear when I try to explain the guest passenger statute, “If I am hurt in a car driven by someone else, I should be able to go against that person’s insurance for my medical bills, loss of income, and suffering. Isn’t that what insurance is for?” My answer is, “Not in Alabama.”

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Allen Ritchie

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