Fatal Alabama Wrecks During Thanksgiving, Mostly at Night

Nov 22, 2023 | Allen A. Ritchie | 0 comments

Allen's Answers - Driving at Night

Night driving can be dangerous in our state. A study by the University of Alabama says during Thanksgiving, fatal crashes are 70% more likely to occur when it is dark.

Once you think about it, the reasons may be apparent. First, drivers can’t see as much at night. Plus, the bright lights on some vehicles can temporarily impair what they can see. Second, people who drink and drive are more likely to have had too much after a full day of drinking.

The study looked at 5 years of Thanksgiving accidents. There were 543 alcohol-related wrecks, and how many happened at night – almost all of them 410.

But here is the real shocker. People who are killed on Alabama roads are more likely NOT to be wearing a seatbelt. I guess that makes sense, too. People who don’t wear seatbelts are probably not the type to obey other safety and driving rules.

Here is one other observation from my case file. It is not new that drivers are losing control because of cell phone distractions. You can see that most days on I-10. But I am seeing more people crossing the white line because they are dozing off. Surprisingly, many people report they knew they were closing their eyes while at the wheel but did nothing about it.

The holiday season is just starting up. Be careful — especially at night.

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