Alabama and Christmas Spirit. Bah Humbug

Dec 18, 2023 | Allen A. Ritchie | 0 comments

Allen's Answers - Alabama & Christmas spirit

Here is the shocking news I discovered this week. Alabama is rated 50th in Christmas spirit. Thank God for Washington, D.C., it was 51st.

I am not sure GetCenturyLink.com has it right, but I have seen a dip in Christmas support here in the Bay area. There seems to be fewer decorations, less excitement for gift-giving, and fewer parties with free food. I really miss the latter.

Here are some of the Christmas-themed legal questions I have gotten this year. A little more Grinch-like than usual.

Can my boss make me work on Christmas?

Well, in Alabama, your boss can do that, assuming it is a private business without any employee agreement. In fact, the company does not have to give you holiday pay and can fire you if you refuse to come to work. Do you see the Grinch-like theme?

Can I put lights on my pickup truck?

Yes, as long as you don’t move it. Here is the deal in Alabama – don’t do anything that will make your car or truck look like an emergency vehicle. Again, this rule only applies if it is moving.

By the way, antlers from the back windows are perfectly fine, as is a wreath where the spare tire goes.

Can I fry a turkey inside my house?

Yes, as long as you do not want to live. Actually, no law prevents it, but you are without common sense. Fire is the most significant danger in frying a turkey. Everyone, and I mean everyone from firefighters to most neighbors, suggests you fry outside, with a fire extinguisher handy and no liquor inside the person frying. A side note: just talking about fried turkey makes me salivate.

Stay safe. We want you to be around to tell those stories about your cousin at Christmas dinner.

Here is my wish for you this Christmas: that you find the holiday spirit and share it with someone else. I am sure going to try. Merry Christmas.

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