Allen Ritchie

Holiday Car Wreck? Know Alabama Laws.

Question: Car wreck trouble over the 4th in western Mobile, AL. Now What? JASON: Here are 4 crucial laws you must understand. They are Alabama law and could significantly impact your case. Number 1. We are an at-fault state. This means if you caused the accident, you...

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The 4th in Mobile: Pet Panic

This may shock you. It makes sense, but it is still shocking: More pets are lost during the 4th of July holiday than at any other time of the year. The problem (I believe): Fido does not like fireworks. I have two pieces of advice and a little bit on the law. First...

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In Alabama, You Can Sue a Nursing Home

Question: Can You Sue an AL Nursing Home? JASON:  Yes, Yes, and YES. We at Steele Ritchie take the care of Alabama seniors very seriously. Few things anger me more than the abuse or neglect of people who cannot fight for themselves. Let me first discuss those...

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Camp Lejeune Final Deadline Fast Approaching

Question: Camp Lejeune. Is there a deadline? Jason: Yes, in roughly TWO MONTHS. So, do not wait to make a Camp Lejeune claim.  Let me repeat - do NOT wait.  you only have until August 10th of this year. If you know someone hurt by the contaminated water at Camp...

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Boats and Alabama Law

Question: I’m back to the water. Update, please, on boats and Alabama law? JASON: Here in Mobile, we love the water. But it is not without danger. Let me talk a little about boating accidents. We have 4 different areas of water around here … lakes, rivers, the Bay,...

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Will They Tax Your Injury Money?

  The number one question I receive this time of year is: will the government take a share of my personal injury settlement? This is an important question because the money is meant to help you get back to where you were before the accident, and if the government...

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